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Different – Different departments of  banks

Different departments of  banks

So there are various department of bank you have to decide in which department you want to work.


  1. Bank Teller

They are the face of the bank they represent the bank . Tellers must be friendly and calm in nature . they  are responsible for account transactions such as savings accounts and solve account inquiries of customers. There is a head teller who supervise all the tellers. The responsibility of head teller is to handle special inquiries or any bank account related problems.


  1. Bank Marketing Representative

Who markets banking products to customers is known as bank marketing representative .

  1. Internal Auditor

Audit play a very  important role in banking environments. The Auditor monitors data processing, data security and disaster recovery strategies for the bank.


  1. Branch Manager

executive management assign branch manager to see branch operations. Branch managers ensure that the policies are followed in the branch or not .


two more departments are :

  1. Loan Officer
  2. Data Processing Officer



Here are sometips and trick to crack the Bank exam

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