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Difference between a NABARD Assistant and an RBI Assistant?

Difference between a NABARD Assistant and an RBI Assistant?

So everyone wants to work in the organisation where they can grow and achieve success. So today we will discuss which best for you NABARD Assistant OR RBI Assistant.

NABARD Assistant:

Students preparing for any government exam have this type of queries like what is the job profile, growth prospects, etc.

So let’s start….

NABARD Assistant helps in carrying money from individuals or corporations to their banks.

Their main focus is to uplift rural cities by increasing the credit flow for the boost in agriculture &. As a Development Assistant, you will handle a variety of tasks

The responsibilities of Development Assistants are:

  • Managing relationships with donors of the bank organization.
  • Dealing with policy issues of various programmes
  • Researching ways to bring in additional funds.
  • Updating database of donor, responding to the queries
  • Conducts research, analyse data and arrange reports on current donors.


This was all about the profile of NABARD Development Assistant. They indirectly help in uplifting the economy.

RBI Assistant Work Profile:

The responsibilities of this job profile play a very important role RBI. They have very great responsibility when a new currency is released or demonetization occurs they have to handle every situation.

Responsibilities of RBI Assistant

  • Collection of receipts, maintenance of account book, balance tally etc.
  • Assure Financial Stability.
  • The bank clerk work is mostly related to working on the computer and do data entry of Currency Issue and circulation.
  • Document Verification
  • Replying to Mails

Now we have discussed the job role of both lets discuss pay roll.

NABARD Assistant salary and Perks:

Before 1982 NABARD was a part of RBI. There is a fixed salary as well as a certain level of perks and allowances given to NABARD Assistants.

The Assistant monthly pays is around Rs. 14,650/ (including advance increments)

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance

At present, monthly Gross of NABARD Development Assistants is approximately Rs.31, 000/-

Perks of NABARD Assistant

  • Residential accommodation.
  • petrol for the vehicle for official purpose
  • payment of Newspaper, Briefcase, Books
  • compensation of medical expenses
  • LTC (Leave Travel Concession )
  • the New Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • The Gratuity and Optional Group Term Insurance Plan.


RBI Assistant Pay and Perks:

From the first day, you are eligible for all the perks and allowances which are given to an RBI Assistant.

Pay Scale of RBI Assistant:

After selection the candidate will have monthly basic pay of 14650/ ( two advance increments is for graduates).

Other allowances such as:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance


In-Hand Salary:

In-hand salary of RBI Assistant at present is approx  32528/-

Perks of RBI Assistant:

  • Housing Accommodation
  • Payments of expenses for maintenance of vehicle
  • Free Newspaper, Briefcase
  • Free medical expenses
  • Leave Fare Concession
  •  There is no public dealing involved

I have provide you the major difference between both designations RBI Assistant and NABARD Development Assistant with their job profiles, pay and perks



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