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Top 5 Common Difficult Situation That Every Candidate Face (2019)  


 There are 5 situations where candidate get confuse what to do?


  • Drop a year or prepare while working?


So there are pros and cons of everything there are some pros and cons of  droping a year or prepare while working.

·  You can utilize your all time to preparation


· You can study without any distraction


· You get more time as comparison when you prepare while working

· Pressure to clear exam


·No backup option


·  It all lead to more pressure during exam


·In result your performance will be reduced




  • Which study material will be best for exam?


There are plenty of Study materials for examinations like SBI PO, IBPS PO. Beside the material provided by institutes, there are thousands of websites that offer study material from e-books to videos.  But as a result there is lot of confusion among candidates what is relevant and what is not?



  • Should I join a coaching institute or go ahead with self study?

What thing coaching centres tell you that you can’t be able to do at home?

No one have the answer of the above question. I will explain you –

The Coaching centres give you the environment of study for fixed hours, which you’re not doing at home.

On the other hand if you devote yourself and start studying at home 5-6 hrs daily nothing is impossible you will score more than coaching students but you have to study with full enthusiasm.

“If you want to crack any exam you don’t need any coaching centre because if you know your ability no one can stop you to achieve your target.”



Read this important article for better understanding





  • How many mocks should I attempt before the actual exam?


So this question is asked by almost every candidate. It’s never depend on how many mock you will do to crack this exam. Until unless you didn’t find your strength or weak points keep practicing.


  • What if I don’t clear the exam?


Never lose hope. If you not be able to clear the exam it’s not the end of the world.

Find where you lose your marks which part you left so next time you will be ready and

Give an outstanding performance that everyone will say he inspire us never ever lose hope.


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