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How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt

How To Crack IBPS PO In First Attempt: Detailed Study Plan For IBPS PO 2019


How To Crack IBPS PO In your  First Attempt: 

IBPS PO Prelims Admit Card has released on the official website of IBPS. After release aspirant start preparing for the exam with full zeal.  candidate are well aware aboutthe level of competition and they are utilizing remaining time. The Aspirant who are appearing for the first for the exam, don’t know how to crack IBPS PO in first attempt. They might think it is possible to crack ibps po in firt attempt.

Yes,It is possible to crack IBPS PO in your very first attempt.

This is not a difficult exam. If you go through the IBPS PO syllabus in details, you will see its not that difficult that we are assuming.

Discuss What makes it difficult???

most of the aspirant have no proper study plan. So that’s why we are here there are some tips& tricks to crack IBPS in first time.



Go through the exam pattern of IBPS PO without having proper plan you cannot clear this exam

IBPS PO has three stages as under:

  • Prelims,
  • Mains, and
  • Personal Interview.

If you want detail information regarding syllabus go to – http://www.ibpsexamguide.in

The Syllabus

Go through IBPS PO syllabus. Know in which topic you are good and weak or find difficult.

Create A Timetable

Time table is very important. After going though syllabus you have an idea where you are so analyze an move to next step

  • Make daily habit of 5-6 hrs study
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • Spend more time on your weak topics.

Reading Habits

Its very important to read on daily basis it indirectly impact on the preparation for IBPS PO, Prelims as well as Mains. you read more in the manner you understand more (every concept). Reading gives you understanding  of grammar and its use in daily life

So give smetime for reading— newspapers, current affairs, blogs, English novels, articles. It will Improve your reading speed.

This will help you to crack your exam with good score.



Have your basics clear for every concept. While the General Awareness, Computer Aptitude and English Language sections are about memorizing various important facts, details, and rules, the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability sections needs one to dive deep and have an understanding of the underlying meaning of the various topics. Without this, you won’t be able to even identify the concepts tested in a particular question.

Important Points

Learn formulas, rules and other facts should be in your fingertips so that you don’t have to think more before attempting a question. So, understand all the formulas first and then memorize them with full zeal.

Solve Practice Questions

So solve the practice paper as you can  and mark the question that unable to find answer and research later.

Time Management

After going through your syllabus and solving practice paper you realize its not so hard the things is to manage your time so manage your time for fruitfull result

If you want detail information about time management go to- http://www.ibpsexamguide.in

Mock Tests

After confident enough start solving mock test some time its hard for you to solve in given time frame but slowly and gradually you can solve all paper in given time practice to solve 3-4 mocks daily and do revision


Revise Regularly

Daily revision is most imp some of we are really very intelligent but  if we don’t revise we will forget all we learn earlier

So  revise, revise, revise ..Key to success


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