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IBPS PO Salary & Allowances in 2016, After Revision (आईबीपीएस पीओ वेतन और भत्ते 2016 में)

IBPS PO Salary Structure Allowances in 2016 (आईबीपीएस पीओ वेतन और भत्ते 2016)

Among the reasons why we’re here is Standing and Wages. Why every one is working behind Financial occupation is only due to status and wages. Because Financial market is a Community Sector Under Taking and a fast developing market. There exists a standing in culture, promotional material and a fine wages. At first phase Lender supply about 18000/- to about 35000/ this amount goes for Worker and for – at early phase. Therefore every thing is obvious here that why lakhs of nominee needs to get work as a Lender Staff and having filed with IBPS.


Here we have tried to find out approximately  Salary of a Clerk & Probationary Officer Salary.

Salary for Clerk  Cadre

Basic 8000
HRA 800 (10 % Of DA)
DA 8000
Other Allowances
Total Amount 17225


The Fundamental Wages of a Worker is 8000. D.A grow twice annually. There’s no limitations that DA may be. At Existing D.An is 100% S O DA may be identical to Fundamental. Except every one of these you will find a few other considerations which a Lender Worker get. Therefore the wages of a Worker that is First is about 18000/-.


Salary of Probationary Officer


Basic Pay 23700
Special Allowance 1836.75
DA 10,699.90
CCA 870
Transport Allowance 0
Total (without HRA) 37,106.65
HRA 2133
Gross with HRA 39,239.65


The Fundamental Wages of a Probationary Officer is about 24000/- in an early period. And you will find several additional considerations which a Probationary Officer get.

SBI Wages is about 6000/- over PO. Because SBI offers 4 rise additional at first phase.

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