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Recruitment of Specialist Officers

IBPS Run assessment for various places which are not same in discipline, Size, and Score spend. In Professional Officer Recruiting there are place that is different and all place have scale1. These place are for different area. It’s Promotion Officer Etc, INSIDE section, Farming section Adhikari official. But the makings is change depending on the place. For Officer, RajBhasha minimum and Farming Area Official 4 years post graduation or degree is needed. And for HR/Staff Officer, Regulation Official and Advertising Officer a specific class needed for place and a college diploma is not dispensable.

S.No. Posts
1. I.T. Officer(Scale 1)
2. Agricultural Field Officers(Scale 1)
3. RajBhasha Adhikari(Scale 1)
4. Law Officer(Scale 1)
5. HR/Personnel Officer(Scale 1)
6. Marketing Officer(Scale 1)




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