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SBI Exam is Tough to crack?

Is it hard to crack SBI exam????

SBI (State Bank of India) it is the largest public sector banks in India. Everyone wants to work with SBI because this is most lucrative and white collar job


Every year, lacs of students apply for the post of Probationary Officer. But few them get the taste of success.


Perks of SBI PO : Job profile, social status, job security, lucrative pays any many more perks.

So there are many perks of this job that’s why competition is high so make strategy and crack the exam

IBPS PO has three stages as under:

  • Prelims,
  • Mains, and
  • Personal Interview.


Every one tell you how tough the exam is if you want to crack exam you can you only need some dedication toward your study.

How to crack SBI PO



Top Reason – Why SBI PO is tough?


  1. Number of Applicants- laths of aspirant apply but vacancies are somewhere around 2500-3000 that’s the main reason competition is high.


  1. The Syllabus- the syllabus is very vast student not be able to cover all important topic but if he/she do proper planning then its not be so tough


3.The Duration of the Exam- 1 hr for prelims and 2 hr 30 mines for main exam



  1. Sectional Cut-off – candidates need to score the minimum cut-off mark to pass the examination in each section. The cut-off changes every year, its depend on the number of vacancies, applications. Mostly every year cutoff goes high than last year


“If every year thousand of aspirant cracks the exam. the main reason behind there success is there hardwork so practice if you want to crack this exam”


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